Fluidtechno.Co.,Ltd. Ship Design

Hull Form Design

Design for various ship types
    • Fishing boat
    • Coastal ship
    • Inshore ship
  • Ocean-going ship
  • Special ship
  • High-speed boat
Work Description

Initial Design

  • Specification
  • General arrangement
  • Damage stability calculation
  • Prediction of fuel oil consumption

Hull Form Design

  • Synthetic design among hull, propeller and rudder
  • Hull form development
  • Vibration improvement for ships in service
  • Energy saving device design and development


  • Model ship manufacturing
  • Ordinate
  • Frame
  • Surface

Hull Form Reversing

  • Reconstruction of hull lines
  • repair and retrofit


Design Progress Spiral

Initial Design

We offer customized and optimized specifications using our own software based on our
extensive experience.

Design Items
  • Ship Length,Bredth,Depth,Draft
  • Self-propulsion and fuel oil consumption
  • Main engine output
  • Tank arrangement and volume calculation
  • Trim and damage stability calculation
  • Loading manual
  • Pocket specification
  • Preliminary general arrangement
  • Outline specification

Ship Hull Form Design
Preliminary Ship Hull Form Design


Our own in-house program by use of Microsoft Excel

Functions in Initial Lines Generator


  • Offset input
  • Frame delivation
  • Preliminary ship hull lines generation
  • Hydro calculation
  • Hull lines modification by CP curve
  • Rough fairing by hand




    • Wave profile calculation by Rankine source (∗)
    • Ship motion calculation in waves (∗)
    • Manuevability calculation (∗)
    • Calulation of ship motion in waves (∗)
    • HullDes converter (∗)
    • File output for NAPA input

(∗):Approval by solver and developer is required and usage fee is charged


Projects of Fairing by NAPA










Propeller Design


1.Design Applying the Charts
    • MAU chart
    • B-series chart
    • Ducted propeller
    • CRP
    • GAWN chart
    • AU-CPP chart
    • Other charts


Data of propeller section


Proepller design and performance prediction
2.Theorical Design
    • Lifting surface theory
    • Lifting body theory
    • CFD


Propelller cavitation simulation by CFD

Propeller cavitation test


Optimized Rudder Profile and Section


Rudder profile design together with
hull form and propeller


Rudder form design