Fluidtechno.Co.,Ltd. Green Ship

Further Step of Green Ship

Further innovative progress is demanded for hull form design and ship performance design in the midst of rising energy saving requests among maritime industries in terms of economics and environmental.
We Fluid Techno Co., Ltd. , challenge continuously in order to inherit shipbuilding techniques which is on top class in the world to coming generations with contributing to green ships by knowledges backed by enormous researches and investigations and technological capacities acquired by years of experiences.

Asset of  Fluid Techno Co., Ltd.


Accumulation of experiences in addition to basic knowledge and techniques is necessary for design of ship hull form and ship performance. Effectively using techniques of hydrodynamics focused on ship hull form under water, we are acting for every customer in neutral position.

Technical Skill

We can cover in the wide range of ship hull form design, sea condition analysis, and service records analysis and sea trial measurements and work with our technical skills. Further, our products such as measuring system tools and energy saving devices are produced.


We attend international conferences and fairs to acquire the latest information. Collaborating with international and domestic universities, research institutes and companies,
we are improving our technical skill continuously.