Fluidtechno.Co.,Ltd. Company History




2001 Established to as a consultancy office.
Development of energy-saving device.
2003 Supported the development of an energy-saving device by Marine Technology
Development Research Project in 2003 (by Nagasaki Prefecture).
2008 Patented a new energy-saving device “Eco-Stator”.
Registered trademark of Eco-Stator and started sales.
Joint research with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Developed an energy-saving device “Rudder bulb”. Participated in a project of a electric propulsion ship development.
Achieved installation of Eco-Stator for 100 ships.
Joint development of hull designs with Singapore shipowners.
Started design of large type ships for overseas shipyards.
2012 Joint research with Chosun University.
2013 Started overseas expansion of Eco-Stator.
2014 ISO9001 certification.
Moved to the current office.
Formed a business alliance with an overseas engineering company.
Started ship modeling with a 3D printer.
2018 ISO27001 certification.
2021 To the present  (15 employees and 2 board members).