Information Security Policy

We recognize that information security is one of the most important issues in our
management and business, and in order to set security objectives and ensure the
confidentiality of our company’s and our customer’s assets, we strive to establish,
maintain, and improve out information security management system and comply
with laws, regulations, and other standards.

1. Establishment of information security management regulations and its continuous improvement

A manager is appointed to review the security standards and requirements and execute and evaluate of the measures based on the information security policy.
Besides, according to the execution policy by the manager, we assess the risk of information asset, establish management measures, create risk management plan and execute and evaluate those. Furthermore, regular internal audit confirms laws, the information security policy and observance of the regulations and points, which are reflected on the system operation, in order to improve our whole business continuously.


2. Protection and continuous management of information assets

We establish risk evaluation standards and frames of risk assessment to all the relevant information assets with our business. Based on the preceding, by defining systematic approach to the risk assessment, the maintenance and improvement of information security (confidentiality, perfection and availability) are aimed to prevent injustice access leaking, demolition, falsification and misappropriation of information assets.


3. Observance of laws and standards

We act in conformity with laws and other standards in relevant with information security. Besides, our information security management rules are to be adopted these laws and standards.


4. Employee training

We will make it known to our employees so that they can understand and act in our information security policy, and we will raise awareness of information security among our officers and employees, as well as educate and train them on information security so that they can comply with the system as one organization.


5. Preventing incidents and responding when they occur

We strive to prevent information security incidents and in the event of any such incidents, we will promptly take appropriate measures, including measures to prevent recurrence.


Fluid Techno Co., Ltd.
Tamashima Masahiro, President