Our company strives to contribute to the society in maritime field. Especially,our
key business is to design ship hull form under the water and in the open air including
propellers, rudders and energy saving devices from the point of view of hydrodynamics.
Since it is essential to understand flow around ship hull, we aim to satisfy customer
needs with our rich experiences and the newest challenges.

Nowadays, eco-friendly ships are strongly required in terms of global environmental
protection. For this purpose, it is not too much to say that ship hull form design occupies the most important part. This is the specialized field of our company.

We would like to assist customers in the fields of eco-friendly ship development and
evaluation of ship service records required in ocean and maritime transportation for efficiency operation and to support model test for eco-friendly hull form development.


Fluid Techno Co., Ltd.
Tamashima Masahiro, President